The Love I Had Missed

I landed on a deserted shore,
where my heart seemed lonely evermore.
You came into my life and put the stars in the sky,
and took away the tears that ran from my eyes.
Often times I think of the love I had lost,
all the pain and the time that it cost.
But when you came you brought a new day,
and spread some sunshine on your way.
I can’t help but think of where I would be,
if I had never met a girl such as thee.
Your heart as it glistens with a new light,
makes the darkest of days ever so bright.
The loneliness I have felt all these years,
and the pain that brought all those tears.
Are now all gone with one gentle kiss,
as my heart comes alive with the love I had missed.
Send to me your love in outstretched arms,
and keep from me the worlds cruel harms.
Help me to see this beautiful day,
and send your love in your special way.

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Special Love

(The Puzzle)

A girl as sweet as any rose
A love that takes to the wing
Any prose I may compose
Any song that I may sing
Cannot begin to compare with
Happiness only found with you
For the love I wish to share
Is to speak only of you
And the childlike mind is happy
When its filled with thoughts of you
And all my years of loneliness
Are fallen out of view.

The key to the knowledge of the heart
sometimes lies hidden within the words we speak
And only my special love holds the key.

Remember Poe’s Love.

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Measured By Time

Time, the chasm of moments we must cross over.
It tears at our existence, precluding our thought.
It passes so quickly,
yet it weighs as a heavy burden on our hearts.
So we wait for the tomorrows.
Who, I ask, governs this time?
This element of life that effects such a drain on our emotions.
More so if we are patiently waiting for a love to draw near.
If, as it is said, waiting is the greatest sign of one’s love.
Then how much more we more we must love to endure the wait.
Can we say then that love grows stronger when we are apart?
If so, then my love for you cannot be measured by a yardstick.
Nay, not even a calendar could count the time
I have spent loving you.
For my heart has wished you near all the time.
If I were to spend a thousand years in waiting,
but had no thought of you,
all would be for naught.
If my nights and days were not filled with dreams of you,
then nothing would come from the waiting.
But had no thought of you
All would be for naught.
If my nights and days were not filled with dreams of you,
then nothing would come from the waiting
My heart has been patient
From the moment we were first together
Every thought, every dream, has been of you.
All this then is the measure of my love.
My gift of devotion to you.
My love.

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Senses Meditation I

We are in a boat, sailing towards the open sea,
there is no-one here, but you and I.
The sails are full of the crisp cool air,
and the sea is sparkling like a brilliant emerald.
The seagulls dance all about the mast,
as if in a ballet they were cast.
The air is sweet and fragrant to smell,
and in the distance we hear the peal of a bell.
We lie there counting castles in the clouds,
and minstrels playing for the crowds.
As each cloud passes we change its shape,
to a prince so handsome in a velvet cape.
The sun adds its charm to this beautiful day,
with remembrances of flowers that bloomed in May.
Snuggled together we adore the sights,
as dusk brings the glow of soft harbor lights.
With the night so warm and ever so serene,
we fade off to sleep in a romantic dream.
The water ’round the boat is gently lapping
while bundled up together we lay napping.
Sleep a peaceful sleep.

Good night!

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Clandestine Love

Hidden deep within my heart
always there and yet apart
lies a love hidden from sight
and kept away from the light.

While so close there waits a girl
waiting to enter my secret world
to get inside my secret dreams
where nothing is as it seems.

Where rose covered gardens are tended with care
while maidens in white are dancing there
where a prince and a princess in secret meet
to share a love so tender and sweet.

Where a gallant gent so young and fair
saves the maiden from a pirate’s lair
while swords and sabers cut the air
the gent and the maiden escape from there.

Where a starlit night is all one needs
to plant in the heart a romantic seed
with pen and ink the poets write
of the dreams one finds on a starry night.

So on I write in hopes for the day
when a beautiful maiden will come my way
and soon it will be if your answer is yes
for on that day I will write my best.

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All But Love

I have many gifts of which to share
talents found so often rare
From mountaintops to still blue sea
nothing stand apart from me
Except Love

With pen and ink I spent my time
inking out some silly rhyme
From knights to flowers I will write
of all the things I dream at night
But not love

Write will I of a cowboy’s steed
or a princess who’s in desperate need
Or maybe a brook so clean and pure
or a tall oak tree so strong and sure
But Not My Love

Why so hard to write of love
as gentle and loving as a dove
Does it hide, does it care
or was it always present there
Not Love

Someday soon I will meet a girl
who will set my lonely hear awhirl
Every moment I will take to write
about my love and a starlit night
For my love

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Opening Night

The Opening Night Principle - Cohen Brown Management Group

You’ve finally made it, you have your name in lights
The marquee flashes your name in bright white light
that bathes the passersby.
Your own private dressing room, a star on your door
You have waited all your life for this moment
You open the door and gaze at all the flowers
your fans have sent to you, their hero.
You have everything to yourself
everything from the makeup case
to the chair with your name on the back.
You take down your costume
It is fresh and clean and especially made for you.
You don it and stand by the mirror
to admire the way it accentuates your better features.
You put on your makeup
Not too much
Just enough to accent your features
You apply the finishing touches and now you are ready
You wait for your curtain call
but it will never come
Your show has been canceled!

Break a leg kiddo!

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Loves Song

I dream about the flowers in the spring
and the gentle little birdies on the wing
Now its hard for me to think of these
when the north wind really makes you freeze
but when you’re near, you make my poor heart sing.

If ever there was a girl to make me smile
I would want to be beside her for a while
The little things you say and do
make me want to be with you
’cause you make me feel as happy as a child

Now what exactly am I trying to say
as I writ in this slightly poetic way
I want you here by my side
and my love no longer hide
to tell you that I love you if I may.

I hope you’re not offended by this prose
but I feel you are like a delicate rose
Never to be cut or tied
nor under covers should you hide
for our love would not be happy lest it grows.

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Simple Thoughts

A delicate flower cast by the wind
broken and wilting so near death
It is transplanted in shelter and cared for
it blooms so full and beautiful
An image of majestic beauty sent to brighten
the lives of those who stop to look.


Time is my enemy
slow like the sand in an hourglass
If time were my friend
the waiting would be shorter.


If the sane say that the insane are insane,
what if it the sane who are insane?
Would that make the insane sane?


Time is the eternity into which we are thrust
Where seldom are things known
and all is in God’s trust.


Joy is the realization of a new day
The beauty God creates in his own special way.


I put up a door so I may hide
but you found the key to get inside.


There is nothing better than a timeless friend.

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Song of the Clown

The clown is a courtly jester
he makes fun of those around
He makes you laugh, he makes you cry
whenever he’s in town.
But the smile on his face is phony
the tear in his eye is real
But the clown will keep you laughing
without showing how he feels

The clown has been so lonely
his heart was broken in two
He can’t help but remember
when he was last with you.
You took his love then spurned him
and left him feeling blue
Hoping and dreaming that some day
He’ll have someone like you

For now he’ll travel ’round the world
and try to make it smile
Hiding all the pain he feels
behind a painted smile.
In hopes one day he’ll chance to meet
a girl as lovely as you
Then the smile on his face will brighten
and he’ll never again be blue.

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